Talks by Antonio Bertoletti & Anthony Tan

Talks by Antonio Bertoletti

  • International Society for Cellular Therapy, Immunotherapy with T-cell receptor redirected T cell targeting viral antigen in HBV-related hepatocellularcarcinoma. 25-28 May 2016. Singapore
  • 3rd ANRS HBV cure workshop, Adaptive immunity and Re-directing T cells for HBV therapy. May 31st, 2016. Paris,France.
  • AASLD/EASL HBV Treatment Endpoints Workshop, T cell functional recovery and check-points inhibitors modulators.September 8-9, 2016. Washington DC, USA.
  • 2016 International HBVMeeting, Satellite Symposium: New Concepts of immune therapy of chronic hepatitis B.21-24 September 2016. Seoul, Korea.
  • TaiwanDigestive Disease Week (TDDW), Special Lecture: HBV Immunotherapy. September 30th, 2016. Taipei, Taiwan.
  • TCR-redirected T cell therapy in HBV-related HCC and in HBV infection. San Raffaele Hospital. 13 October 2016. Milano, Italy

Talks by Anthony Tan

  • The International Advances of cancer immunology and clinical application Conference, TCR-redirected T cells for T cell immunotherapy. 17-19 Sept 2015. Guiyang, Gui Zhou Province, China.
  • The Best of Young SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientists, TCR-redirected T cells for T cell immunotherapy. SingHealth Duke-NUS Research Day 2016. Jan 2016. Singapore