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Lymphocytes transiently expressing virus-specific T cell receptors reduce hepatitis B virus infection.

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Tolerance and immunity to pathogens in early life: insights from HBV infection.

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E3 Ubiquitin ligase ZNRF4 negatively regulates NOD2 signalling and induces tolerance to MDP.

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A 3Dmicrofluidicmodel for preclinicalevaluation of TCR-engineered T cells against solid tumors.

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Clinical Trial Design for Immune-Based Therapy of Hepatitis B Virus.

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IntrahepaticCD206+ macrophagescontribute to inflammation in advancedviral-relatedliverdisease.

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Immune Tolerant Chronic Hepatitis B: The Unrecognized Risks.

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Corrigendum: CD16 is indispensable for antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity by human monocytes.

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Hepatitis C Virus-Specific T Cell Receptor mRNA-Engineered Human T Cells: Impact of Antigen Specificity on Functional Properties.

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An accelerated rabies vaccine schedule based on toll-like receptor 3 (TLR3) agonist PIKA adjuvant augments rabies virus specific antibody and T cell response in healthy adult volunteers.

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HBV in 2016: Global and immunotherapic insights into hepatitis B.

Mala K Maini & Antonio Bertoletti. Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology (2017) doi:10.1038/nrgastro.2016.196

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A High-Dimensional Atlas of Human T Cell Diversity Reveals Tissue-Specific Trafficking and Cytokine Signatures.

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HBV DNA Integration and Clonal Hepatocyte Expansion in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients Considered Immune Tolerant.

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Redirecting T Cell Specificity Using T Cell Receptor Messenger RNA Electroporation.

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Cover 2 Adaptive Immunity

Adaptive Immunity in HBV Infection.

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Cover 3 Vaccine

Memory T cell responses targeting the SARS coronavirus persist up to 11 years post-infection.

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Cover 4 Drug Discovery today

Microfluidic models for adoptive cell-mediated cancer immunotherapies.

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Cover 5 J Hepatol T cell Fitness

T cell fitness in the liver: How can T cells keep it up?

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Hepatitis  B virus specific antibody and uses thereof 21-Jun-10 201004457-6
HBV Epitope Reactive Exogenous T Cell Receptor (TCR) and Uses Thereof 24-Mar-11 US 201100070208 A1