Influence of age on Immunity and anti-viral therapy on HBV

Laura Rivino

Research Overview

Specific projects:

  • Investigation of the viral and immunological events that lead to T cell exhaustion in chronic HBV patients (Nina Le Bert, Laura Rivino).
  • Characterization of the immune correlates of liver damage in chronic HBV patients following withdrawal from anti-viral therapy (Maggie Van den Berg, Nina Le Bert, Laura Rivino)
  • Characterization of HBV-specific T cell responses in acute-resolved HBV patients and in healthy individuals following HBV vaccination (Kamini Kunasegaran, Christine Tham, Laura Rivino)
  • Characterization of the hierarchy of the CD8+T cell response in acute versus chronically infected hepatocytes (Zack Ho, Laura Rivino)
Group Members
Nina Le Bert
Damien Tan
Nasirah Banu
Kamini Kunasegaran
Christine Tham

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